Harmful Effects of Counterfeit Products

Published On :02-12-2021



Harmful Effects of Counterfeit Products


Consumer products that are created or marketed under another's brand name without the permission of the brand owner are known as counterfeit consumer goods. By passing off their goods as created by the brand owner, sellers of such goods may infringe on the brand owner's trademark, patent, or copyright.

Counterfeiting has an impact on everyone. Counterfeiting not only affects customers, but it also has a significant impact on a country's economy. Many brands are suffering significant losses as a result of counterfeiting, including lost income, consumer unhappiness, irreversible brand reputation damage, and so on. Fake goods are made in unregulated conditions with low-quality materials and are not subjected to necessary quality controls.             


Counterfeit Products: A threat to you and your loved ones.


Medicines, electrical and electronic equipment, toys, food items, and automotive parts are just a few examples of counterfeit products that represent a major danger to customers' health. The following are some of the most serious consequences of counterfeiting:

1.       Counterfeiting puts a stop to innovative ideas

Having an IP system that is not protected and enforced by the government reduces the value of developing innovative products. Customers don't mind buying fakes when they can get a similar product at a relatively cheap price. Counterfeit products stymie genuine product sales, discouraging innovators.

2.       A major risk to your health

Counterfeit items that you directly swallow or come into touch with your body are among the most harmful. Fake painkillers and anti-malarial medications, for example, have been blamed for a number of deaths all over the world. Meanwhile, counterfeit cosmetics or perfumes can burn or disfigure you for the rest of your life, and counterfeit electronic items can explode, leak acids, or cause a fire.                                                                                                                                       

  1. Counterfeits help in keeping the black market afloat.

Counterfeiting is no longer a minor offence involving the production and sale of low-cost counterfeits; it has evolved into a form of organised crime. Companies lose their brand image and incur losses as a result of the trade of pirated and counterfeit goods, but it also provides money to organised crime. No group works alone in this situation. It's a well-organized platform where successful groups can receive assistance from others. It facilitates their unlawful activities beneath the surface. Each of the factors plays an important role in the criminal world, which is interrelated.

4.       Loss of Sales

If you sell a product and a counterfeiter competes with you by offering customers a lower-cost copy of your original product, you will lose some sales to these lower-cost items.

Customers used to be better at identifying fakes and knowing what they were getting when presented with counterfeits. The distinction between real and fraudulent is less evident in the online world. Counterfeiters can operate quite efficiently online by copying a company's designs and branding, as well as combining their knock-off goods with online product reviews.


Fighting Against Counterfeiting


Anti-counterfeiting efforts necessitate public awareness and the application of modern technologies to detect counterfeits. There are several methods for determining if a finished product is genuine or counterfeit. Customers must check the product packaging quality and check for any spelling problems if a brand is not protected by a digital anti-counterfeiting technology. With the help of numerous anti-counterfeiting technologies available on the market, brands can safeguard their customers against counterfeiting.

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