IPR in the Post Covid Era

Published On :03-02-2021

When Covid 19 struck, it came as a bolt from the blue for all businesses including for us who deal in IPR. We knew that IP spends would take the biggest hit as survival would be of priority for everyone. Except, we were wrong. But for the first few months, we saw businesses springing into action in all walks including IPR. While we analyzed what could be the reason behind it, we found that for any business along with survival is important to stay protected. Protected against infringement and threats from infringement. IP Infringement is a definitive revenue loss and all businesses big or small, established or starting up are increasingly realizing this. The amount of new Clients that approached us with infringement issues post-Covid has seen a clear spike (pun intended). It only reiterates the fact that IPR forms a quintessential cornerstone of any enterprise and Brand Protection is a continuous activity and cannot be prevented with a vaccine. Or can it be? Can we have a mechanism to report infringements from any part of the world through a mere click of a button and the Brand owner gets notified of it? Can such data be relayed in real-time to all Brand Owners to help them better contain infringement against their IP? Perhaps the answer to this is yes and we should see in a few weeks' time that this is indeed a possibility and we might have just what the doctor prescribed. A vaccine? No, An App. Watch this space for more details.