The fear of 'fake' products in the market and how to deal with it


Today's market is overflowing with various fake products or counterfeit consumer goods. These items are usually of poor quality and not durable. Often consumers mistakenly think they are originals due to their uncanny similarity. As such, they end up paying more for inferior quality products. With the advent of e-commerce websites, the number of fake sellers online is increasing significantly.

Intellectual Collaboration


Human evolution and expansion has originated and progressed through collaborative growth. While today we stand separated in nations, faith, colour, language, culture and what you may, we ultimately are the product of nature without distinction in our intellectual potential.

Harmful Effects of Counterfeit Products


Consumer products that are created or marketed under another's brand name without the permission of the brand owner are known as counterfeit consumer goods. By passing off their goods as created by the brand owner, sellers of such goods may infringe on the brand owner's trademark, patent, or copyright.

Remotely productive vs. Productive remotely


A situation in which an employee works mainly from home and communicates with the company by email and telephone.Remote work was very rare a decade ago. Your parents or grandparents would have balked at the idea of employees regularly working from home.

Business Unusual


Unusual is the opposite of usual thanks to the prefix un meaning not. Unusual things are noteworthy You do not see them every day. A dog chasing a cat is usual, a cat chasing a dog is also usual but none of them chasing anyone would be unusual.

IPR in the Post Covid Era


When Covid 19 struck, it came as a bolt from the blue for all businesses including for us who deal in IPR. We knew that IP spends would take the biggest hit as survival would be of priority for everyone. Except, we were wrong. But for the first few months, we saw businesses springing into action in all walks including IPR.