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We have in place an optimally strategized system that ascertains no leaf is left unturned as regards any listed infringement. A tightly aligned plan of action coupled with seamless coordination, helps deliver results in time, without compromising on the quality and detailing that is our speciality.

With years of experience and a diversified portfolio of cases under our belt, we have perfected an approach that stands on three main pillars:

Extensive Internet Research: The World Wide Web is no more an accessory tool, it is rather the premium and prime platform for all spheres of action. It is a domain that often houses not only hints, clues and background data, but also is the principal medium of operation. Web research and surveillance forms a major part of our deliberations, and is a priority for all-round execution of our tasks. Our team of Research Analysts work to browse the information zooming through the cloud of radiations and sheaf out relevant leads.

Field Investigation: ‘A bird in hand is worth two in the bush’, so of course, much as we love information, we love evidence more. Our work is only complete, after we have laid a solid foundation to stop the scrupulous activity. Cushioned by the meticulous work of the Research team,  our personnel or representatives validate all information on-site, and strive to procure whatever paraphernalia may be available and prove useful.

Analysis:  While constantly vying for innovation and improvisation, we stand strong on a matrix of system and simplicity. Structured representation is the key to turn data into information, and thus add to the world of knowledge. Our reports aim to convey the essentials succinctly and impressionably, so as to conserve the value of your time and money.

We offer reports- comprehensive, updated and classified by various categories and sub categories, brands and trademarks, fresh and popular leads, date when the violation was spotted / investigated.

The Reports offered are meticulously drafted with each report undergoing rigorous scrutiny for quality and content alike so that the information shared is reliable, actionable and unambiguous.

Market surveys and follow-ups are also intrinsic to our modus operandi, so as to ensure complete client satisfaction.