13 Reasons Why 


  1. Because what you created is unique. CopyKitten helps you  to showcase and profit from your signature without worrying about infringements.


  1. Because necessity is the mother of invention, and if we let people imitate, we will stem originality and turn into a Planet of Apes.


  1. Because Team CopyKitten will help you scour infringed trademarks from all kinds of places-shady upcountry shacks, murky paan shops in railway stations, bustling street markets, glittering five-star hotels, serpentine old lanes, or shiny utility outlets at metro stations.


  1. Because CK will lead you for a glimpse into ghost entities manufacturing patented medicines, cramped offices in tottering buildings operating pirated softwares, and entire states swishing away others’ GIs.
  1. Because CopyKitten will prowl through the major trade fairs, exhibitions, and expos for any budding threats about to scale-up. You can slam the door on their toes even before the foot is out.
  1. Because CK will bring all of it to you at a mouse-click. You can shop for what you want and pay for what you like.
  1. Because CopyKitten(/ InstaQuest) is equipped to cater to customized investigations- mysterious loss of reputation, unmatched barcodes and batch numbers, meddled packaging, trademark squatting-we are ready to take on all. We also ensure strict confidentiality when required.
Imitation is the best form of flattery, Just not in IPR
  1. Because CopyKitten will be your IPR police. You will not have to worry about in-house investigators, hiring interviews, extensive trainings, foreign jurisdictions, local market unions, unsavory GPS locations, hurried travel, nudging salaries, urgent telephone calls, or unfamiliar domains.
  1. Because CK will give you the important stuff- trespassing entity, location, scale, supply chain, all the material required for a well-rounded case.
  1. Because CopyKitten is having cool new hashtags, and it will be trendy to post photos of busted leads and awe (#Aww) your consumers with highest scores.
  1. Because CopyKitten is at the centre of action- the only brilliant innovation in IPR at HongKong RISE 2018 among 250 other selected participants from all across the world. Within months of its launch. You will be in on the thick of IPR enablement.
  1. Because you will only have to check your inbox in the morning to know if there is a newfound infringer in the market. CopyKitten activates notifications for your specified brands, and also has a paid lock-in facility for a lead, so that only you can see it. You will be ahead of all others in action.
  1. Because Copying needs to be eliminated. Nature says copying is fatal. Even twins may have the same DNA but definitely different karma.